So you have a band. How do you get to the next level of your career? Get a complete analysis and game plan for your band's future — from preproduction, to artistic vision, to branding and marketing, down to the final mix. As creative and right-brained as music is, there is still a huge component of this industry that requires one to treat their band like a business and to bust out those left-brain skills. With 20+ years of experience in the music industry, Jonah can help you avoid some rookie mistakes and bring your musical project to it's fullest potential.



Skills you won't find in a classroom

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Connect with the keyboard in a completely unique way and learn to play with passion, heart, and precsion. 


To Start

You'll want to come to the table with a standard knowledge of how to play. In Jonah's lessons you won't learn to read notes on a page, but rather exercises and drills to improve techniques like shredding, ear training, and classical music structure.




Jonah has students nationally and internationally thanks to this awesome thing called technology. Using video streaming software, the two of you will meet at your agreed upon lesson times virtually. Having your technology situation figured out in advance is strongly preferred.



The Results

If you put in the hard work and time, you can walk away with an arsenal of tools, songs and solos to jump-start your career. Have specific songs or solos you'd like to learn? Jonah can teach you! As a team, the two of you can set your goals and come up with a doable plan to achieve those goals in the time period you need.




While a minimum rate is required, gouging a student's pocketbooks is not the goal. Jonah will work with new students to set an affordable hourly rate in line with the desired outcome of both parties. Start the conversation below to get your lessons underway!

Let's Get Started!

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