Dance of the Mourning Child (DOTMC) is Jonah Weingarten's pseudonym for his Modern Classical solo piano work. Coming from deeply personal inspiration, DOTMC has released two albums in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Jonah's DOTMC work can can be described as epic, sweeping, melodic, and moody piano based instrumental music.

My music with DOTMC comes from a place within me that is both personal and tranquil. Where my Metal output usually comes from a more fiery part of my personality, my solo piano material tends to mirror the ocean in a metaphorical sense. It neutralizes and balances me out. I think it’s important for any musician to be multi-faceted, but for me it’s like having two sides of my musical output that are polar opposites from each other, yet connected in a deeper and more melodic sense. Mourning Child is my way of channeling my grief, love of nature, and appreciation for the beautiful parts of humanity into something you can hear and feel.
— Jonah Weingarten

Dance of the Mourning Child
The Fire maple (2015)

Dance of the Mourning Child
Staircase to nowhere